SAP Awards of Excellence

Right Connect receives SAP Award of Excellence

Sydney, Australia -

Right Connect has been awarded the first ever SAP Award of Excellence for SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications in the Asia Pacific region, in partnership with their customer Future Products Group. The award recognizes that the project was one of the best SAP implementations over the past year based on customer success, accountability, innovation, professionalism and teamwork.

Right Connect CEO, Zlatko Staka, was delighted to win the award with one of New Zealand's growing discrete manufacturers, Future Products Group, noting that, "Discrete Manufacturers have had a tough last couple of decades here in New Zealand and Australia as the Asian Tigers, China and India have expanded rapidly. The success of Future Products Group and this project to dramatically reduce local manufacturing costs, I believe, demonstrates the capability of the Visual Enterprise technology platform to significantly improve the competitiveness of local manufacturers in the global marketplace."

Right Connect received the Best Run Business Applications - Enterprise Asset Management SAP Award of Excellence for the 3D Manufacturing & Assembly Instructions project which enabled Future Products Group to resolve a number of common challenges and realize a rapid return on investment.

The SAP Awards of Excellence presentation ceremony was held in the Guillaume at Bennelong restaurant in the Sydney Opera House attended by all of this years winners.

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